Lutron Sivoia® QS Wireless Cellular Shades

Save energy, add convenience, and enhance your decor with Sivoia® QS Wireless Cellular Shades from Lutron.

Integrating Lutron's cellular shades into your home, either on their own or with your existing window coverings, will allow you to do this and more!  All at prices which are comparable to similar custom manual cellular shades.  Choose from a variety of colors and fabrics, as well as the amount of light filtering to complement your style and taste.

By using air pockets, cellular shades trap heat to provide added insulation to your windows.  They can add an insulating R value of as high as R4.3 to your windows.

With Lutron's patent-pending Triathlon™ power technology the battery life of the shades is an astounding 3 years! (based on average, normal daily use) When the time does come to change the batteries, the Sivoia® QS cellular shades use standard, readily available batteries. (AA-Cell or D-Cell)

Using ultra-quite motors, and wireless technology, you can adjust one or multiple shade levels at once with ease and virtually no noise.  The wireless technology allows you to integrate with a RadioRA 2 system, use a timeclock to auto adjust your shades, or use a wireless RF or standard IR universal remote to control them from a distance.

Combine all this with an 8 year limited warranty and you have a winning product that will beautify your home and stand to the test of time.

Contact us today to inquire or see a short demonstration of a live working system and to look at fabric, colour, and shade cell samples.

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8 Year Limited Warranty

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