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Mojo on 2012-05-12_10:52:30 wrote:

Impressed with your ad + would like to move forward with installation. However, i have a few questions concerning installation + obsolesence.

1) How distruptive to the ebb + flow of daily life is the installation ie is it messy + does it take over a week to complete a 3500 sq. ft. house?

2) Does the entire house have to be done at once, ie the basement is not finished + I may wish to automate many functions in that area later?

3) Technology changes very rapidly, What protects me from instant obsolesence, when I go to complete my basement?

4) What protects your system form electrical surges + lighting strikes?

5) Can you show me some installations that you have done?


Thank you for your questions and interest.  Your questions will be answered with reference to your question number:

1) Disruption and mess is very minimal. In most cases our electricians will only need to access your existing wall switches and change them out.  Installation is typically fairly quick, an average home around 3500 sq.ft. with an average number of switches can take up to 2 or 3 days (depending on switch quantity).  Smaller homes and single rooms can be done in under a day or even hours. Programming is usually done prior to installation.  A full home can take up to a week to complete, depending on the complexity of what the home owner wants to accomplish.  Following the installation by the electrician, our Technician will install the main unit, confirm the programming, and train the home owner.  For a full home, that can take up to a day to complete, for smaller homes or single rooms this can be done within hours.

2) RadioRA 2 is completely expandable.  You can start with even one switch and add on any number of items at any time, as you feel fit.  Future additions usually do not require another main repeater unit and can only require minor program modification (depending on quantity of additions and home owner requested changes).

3) Lifecycles on Lutron products are usually fairly long.  The original RadioRA was released around 1997, and RadioRA 2 was only just released within the last couple of years.  The original RadioRA products are still supported and can function alongside RadioRA 2 products.  Although technology change is unavoidable, in the automated lighting world they are not as drastic as other technologies. Dimmers and light switches have changed over the years, but their functionality remains the same.

4) In every installation we advise the use of a whole home surge suppressor, or at the very least a surge supressing power bar for any controller units.  Either of these can be provided and installed upon request.

5) Absolutely.  If permitted by the client, we document our installations and ask if it is ok if they can be contacted for reference.  Please contact us directly and we can provide you with installation references.


Kokko on 2012-06-07_17:04:57 wrote:

What's the guarantee on service and equipment?


Hi, and thank you for your question.  The warranty on all Lutron RadioRA 2 products is a 1 year limited warranty.  For Lutron Cellular Shades, the warranty is 8 years.

As for our service (programming), we warranty our work for a period of 1 year.

Please have a look at our warranty page for more details on our warranty.  For Sivoia QS Shades, you can view the warranty info here. For RadioRA 2, you can view the warranty info here.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

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