Simple Lighting Control

Go beyond the basic switch or dimmer

Turn off the lights inside of your home, from the touch of a button, while sitting on the beach, or enjoying some quiet time at the cottage.

Have the outdoor lights you choose, turn on automatically as the sun sets, without the worry of constantly adjusting the time.  When it comes time for bed, have them automatically turn off at a set time so that you no longer have to worry about leaving them on throughout the night.

Not sure if you turned off all the lights downstairs?

Have that perfect set of lights and light levels for entertaining guests?

With a lighting control keypad or app, you can have specific lights or groups of lights of your choice, turn off or turn on and dim to that perfect level.

From the touch of a button

With lighting control, you can do so much more than just turning a light on or off

Save Energy - Make a Bold Statement

From highly configurable, nearly limitless timers, to room occupancy sensors that will even detect if there is already enough daylight, to eco settings that can automatically reduce energy use during peak hours, with little to no notice of any changes.  With lighting control, saving energy could not be any easier or more numerous in the availability to do so.

Highly Scalable - Minimun Intrusion

The lighting control systems that we offer, are designed towards existing homes.  With wireless dimmers and switches that in most cases can simply replace existing, standard dimmers and switches, installing a lighting control system does not require a major renovation or major re-wiring.  Combined with the ability to add onto an existing system at any time, this means that there is no minimum size requirement.  Start with controlling one set of lights, like your outdoor lights, a whole room, a whole floor, during a renovation or while building your dream home, no matter what your pace, we can help make your home that special place.

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