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Take total control of your home.  From the company who invented the dimmer, Lutron, comes RadioRA 2, the most highly renowned home lighting control system in its market class today.  

With RadioRA 2, you can control the dimming of your lights, control electronic devices, create timers, control lighting in not often used locations, adjust and program temperature levels using temperature readings averaged from multiple points in your home, and reduce energy (light or climate) consumption during peak energy times or follow Electric Company rate times.

All this can be done using various keypads, wall controls, or from your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch with wifi, or your Android device with wifi.

Lutron's RadioRA 2 is perfect for existing homes and does not require any re-wiring in most situations.  The dimmers, switches, and hybrid keypads can directly replace existing dimmers/switches.  Each dimmer, switch, and hybrid keypads operate as a normal dimmer/switch if connection to the Main Repeater is lost for some reason, this ensures a failsafe system that you can rely upon.  The system is fully scalable, so you can start with something small, even just one dimmer and the Main Repeater.  As long as you have the Main Repeater, you can add any device at any time, allowing you to build your dream system at your pace.

RadioRA 2 devices all connect together using a proprietary wireless network, ensuring no interference from any other electronic devices.  Lutron has put its products through many years of testing to ensure that their RadioRA 2 devices work nearly flawlessly and accurately.

Green is the colour of the generations to come.  Lutron RadioRA 2 gives you the ultimate control of your lighting and climate energy usage.  By simply using a dimmer you are immediately saving energy.  Go a step further and set a comfortable light level so that you still get the illumination you desire and save the energy you wish to save.  Set up timers so that your selected lights turn on or off when you want them, have them slowly dim up or down, and keep them at a dimmed level.  With a built in astronomic time clock, the RadioRA 2 system will even automatically run timers according sunrise or sunset.  Set as many timers as you feel necessary.

With the use of the occupancy sensors you can have lights automatically turn  on or off according to the rooms occupancy.  Never forget to turn the lights off in a room or struggle to find the light switch.  The sensors even have an illumination sensor that will detect if there is enough ambient illumination (sun light), so that way it does not waste energy while there is enough sunlight.

The Green Function.  With RadioRA 2 you have the ability to activate a "Green" mode.  The Green mode can be set to follow electricity rate times and automatically reduce (dim) the output of whatever lights you choose by a specified amount.  Even just a 10% reduction from all the lights will make a big difference.  The Green mode applies without most people even noticing.  It will dim the specified percentage over a period of 10 minutes (or any time of your choosing).  Overriding this option is as simple as pressing a button.

Add Convenience, Safety, and Security

Never again come home to a dark house or unlit walkway.  With the RadioRA 2 garage controller you can activate your garage door opener and have selected lights come on to provide you a safe and warm greeting.  If you forgot to turn off a light, you can turn off all or certain lights as you are driving away from your home.

Things going bump in the night? Instantly turn on all, or certain lights from your bedside. Once you affirm your family is safe, turn off all the lights just as easily from your bedside.

Feeling like a midnight snack and you don't want to blind yourself or wake up your partner with the lights? Activate a midnight scene from your bedside, specific lights will come on to a low level, just low enough for you to navigate your way and not bright enough to alert anyone to your nighttime snack.

Add to the security of your home by connecting your RadioRA 2 system to your existing alarm system.  In the event that your home alarm detects a fire, your RadioRA 2 system can turn on paths of light that can help guide you to an exit.  If your alarm system detects an intruder, you can have the RadioRA 2 system automatically turn on all controlled lights to full or have them flash, while locking out all the RadioRA 2 keypads and switches.  Maximize the attention to your home and eliminate the cloak of darkness in the event of emergencies.

Beautify your home without the hassle of renovating

Although Lutron RadioRA 2 can be built into a renovation or new construction, and few features may require some minor renovating for re-wiring, the majority of RadioRA 2 devices are built around the ability to simply replace existing switches/dimmers or add devices without renovating.  RadioRA 2 is perfect for the existing home of which you want to add lighting control without major renovations.

Lutron's RadioRA 2 wall plate devices are designed to seamlessly integrate into your home.  They look almost identical to existing switches and dimmers, and come in a variety of colours to allow you to match your decor.  The RadioRA 2 switches and dimmers work very similarly to standard switches and dimmers, meaning that you or your guests will likely not have any problems using them without instruction.

Lutron RadioRA 2 is the perfect addition to your already beautiful home.  Browse our site to see what we can do for you, or contact us with any questions or to arrange a demonstration of what the system can do.

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